RC Engines

E&E J70 Combined Extreme


Engine type Turbojet
Outer diameter 109mm
Full length 300mm
Net weight 1500g
Thrust 0-10Kg / 10-18Kg
Max Rpm 122 000
Idle Rpm 35 000
Pressure ratio
EGT Normally ~ 680°C @ 100%
Fuel consumption 550ml/min @ 100%
Oil consumption 4-5% Mixed with fuel
Acceptable fuel types Jet A1, Kerosene and Diesel
Oil Aero Shell 500, 4% or 2-stroke oil synthetic TCV3
Max altitude
Max speed
Start system Standard Propane
Service interval 30 – 40h

Service interval dependent on how much thrust you take out of the engine.

Price on request.

The engine comes complete with ECU and everything you need to start and run the engine, except for fuel, oil and battery.

A very robust and stable engine with plenty of power, recommended for vertical flight and vector pipes, lots of thrust for the money.