RC Engines

E&E J70 Combined Extreme


Engine type Turbojet
Outer diameter 109mm
Full length 300mm
Net weight 1500g
Thrust 0-10Kg / 10-18Kg
Max Rpm 122 000
Idle Rpm 35 000
Pressure ratio
EGT Normally ~ 680°C @ 100%
Fuel consumption 550ml/min @ 100%
Oil consumption 4-5% Mixed with fuel
Acceptable fuel types Jet A1, Kerosene and Diesel
Oil Aero Shell 500, 4% or 2-stroke oil synthetic TCV3
Max altitude
Max speed
Start system Standard Propane
Service interval 30 – 40h

Service interval dependent on how much thrust you take out of the engine.

Introduction price 1 890 USD Including Vat.

The engine comes complete with ECU and everything you need to start and run the engine, except for fuel, oil and battery.

A very robust and stable engine with plenty of power, recommended for vertical flight and vector pipes, lots of thrust for the money.