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Jet-Rpm Sweden offers state of the art turbojet engines for all types of small aircraft including UAVs, Gliders, jet packs, Big RC Planes, and more.

All of our engines are crafted using the latest and finest CNC machines, with turbines made from Inconel 713LC, and compressors made from either titanium or duralumin.

By listening to our customers needs and constantly improving our engines we proudly offer an ever expanding range of models. Every last detail is very carefully considered, and each product undergoes a thorough battery of tests before assembly and delivery. We strive to deliver perfection, precision and quality to our customers with every product, throughout the life of each product.

All our engines come with a standard warranty, but we also offer additional warranty packages. Contact us for more information.

In addition, we at Jet-Rpm Sweden also offer machining of Stainless Steel, Inconel, titanium and aluminum. We have access to the latest in CNC machining, laser cutting and more. Your every request is welcome.

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