Jet-Rpm Sweden was founded 1993 on a mission to dream up, design, build, and provide affordable turbojet engines for all manners of flight.

After years of research, we crafted a finely tuned five stage axial engine. From there we refined the unit, fitting it with a radial compressor to both simplify the design and improve manufacturing costs.

Today we offer four types of engines to our customers, but we’re constantly developing new techniques, products, and improving all the technologies involved in their implementation.

We also offer custom engines for our customers based on their own unique requirements and needs, we have designed many different types throughout the years.

To date, we at Jet-Rpm Sweden have logged thousands of hours dreaming up, testing, and developing a wide range of engines and applications of all powers and utilizations. But we never stop striving to discover, and deliver, the finest flight technologies for today, for tomorrow, and for years to come.

Ever upward.

A small selection of equipment and produced parts.